Three grades of maple syrup
We generally have all grades of 100% Pure Ontario Maple Syrup available. Recently, grading of maple syrup was standardized across the maple syrup producing provinces and states. The old naming of Extra Light, Light, Medium and Amber syrup have been replaced as noted below. The syrup has not changed – just the nomenclature with Medium being split between Amber-Rich and Dark-Robust. Most people choose Amber-Rich or Dark-Robust so if you’re not certain what you like it’s the best place to start. Remember that grading of syrup is based on colour (light transmittance) and the corresponding flavour and not sugar content. All maple syrup must contain a minimum of 66.0 Brix (roughly equivalent to % sugar). As a general rule, the lighter syrup is produced early in the season and the darkest syrup is produced at the end of the season.

Ennis Maple syrup first and last boil dates (PDF, 23 KB).  

Why Buy Pure Ontario Maple Syrup?​

100% pure Ontario maple syrup is local – meaning it takes less energy to get it from our farm to your fridge. Local farmers need our support and ensuring it says “Product of Ontario” helps us to keep working our family farms so we can help feed your family!

Maple syrup contains more nutrition in the form of minerals and vitamins than all other common sweeteners. Below is a table comparing maple syrup to other sweeteners. The link below is to the full information card.

Maple Syrup Nutritional Information