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Nothing says SPRING IS HERE!!! like the smell of boiling Ontario maple syrup! We produce the best tasting, pure Ontario maple syrup from the rocky hills of Tay Valley Township. Try it and you’ll be hooked!

Our family has been farming on the eastern shores of Bennett Lake in Lanark County, Ontario since the 1860’s. A lot has changed since our Irish ancestors immigrated but the honest, hard working attitude remains the same! We now have approximately 4,300 taps connected to over 30km of tubing on vacuum and a 600 GPH Reverse Osmosis machine but we are still ALL WOOD FIRED -The Old Fashioned Way! Marty & Andy, with a lot of help from our family and friends, are the 4th generation in the Ennis family to make maple syrup on the property over the past century.

Click on the tabs above to learn more about our family and how we make our delicious maple products. Our syrup is available in the Perth area directly from the farm (contact Karen) or at Balderson Village Cheese or Foodsmiths; in Toronto through Marty, or; in Ottawa through Andy.

Accepting the Sugarmaker of the Year award on Behalf of George Ennis

Jessica Collecting Maple Syrup










WHAT’S NEW? – March 18, 2015

Between a couple of warm-ish days last week and what sap ran over the weekend we finally had enough to fire up The Beast on Monday. Marty got the sap processed through the Reverse Osmosis machine and boiled for a few hours – enough to get a few jugs of this year’s syrup. It is always a treat to taste the first maple syrup of the year!!! We always think of and miss our Grandma Ennis on the first day of boiling because she made sure there was a fresh pan of corn bread at the sugar camp to drown in fresh, hot maple syrup!

All our taps are in and we’re checking all our tubing for vacuum leaks so when the weather cooperates and the sap runs hard we’ll be ready!!!

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Karen, Andy & Marty Ennis (and our families)

WHAT’S NEW? – March 9, 2015

It looks like the start of the 2015 Maple Syrup Season is imminent!! It was such a long, cold winter that it felt like it would never get above freezing! We often start tapping in mid-February if the weather permits but this year it was simply too cold until the start of March. If we tap below minus 5 Celsius we run the risk of splitting the sap wood on the tree when we seat the spile into the tap hole.

For this year we’ve expanded our tubing system to include 325 new trees. We’ve also added a second 600 gallon per hour Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane. this should allow us to remove 75% or more of the water from the sap before we boil it – a huge time and energy savings! Using RO does not affect the flavour of our maple syrup because flavour comes from the boiling process.

We have already tapped about 3500 of our 4600 taps and we will have the rest finished this coming weekend. It looks like we should have steam flying from the sugar camp very soon!

Karen, Andy & Marty Ennis (and our families)

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Why Buy Pure Ontario Maple Syrup?

100% pure Ontario maple syrup is local – meaning it takes less energy to get it from our farm to your fridge. Local farmers need our support and ensuring it says “Product of Ontario” helps us to keep working our family farms so we can help feed your family!

Maple syrup contains more nutrition in the form of minerals and vitamins than all other common sweeteners. Below is a table comparing maple syrup to other sweeteners. The link below is to the full information card.


Maple Syrup Nutritional Information Poster (PDF, 2.5MB)

Ennis Maple Products in the Media

Our maple syrup was recently featured on CTV Ottawa’s Morning Show by Two Guys for Lunch, one of the local restaurants that uses our syrup as part of their breakfast menu. The jug of syrup is featured throughout the clip and the name drop is about the 3-minute mark. We love when people enjoy our maple products!
Ennis Maple Syrup on CTV

Maple Syrup from Lanark County (that’s us!!!) was recently named the Top Food to Eat in Ontario by National Geographic!
Top Foods to Eat in Ontario


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