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The Ennis Family
The Ennis Family

Nothing says “Spring is Here!” like the smell of boiling Ontario maple syrup! We produce the best tasting, pure Ontario maple syrup from the rocky hills of Tay Valley Township. The Ennis Family has been farming on the eastern shores of Bennett Lake in Lanark County, Ontario since the 1860s. A lot has changed since our Irish ancestors immigrated but the honest, hard-working attitude remains the same! We now have approximately 4,500 taps connected to over 30 km of tubing on vacuum and a 3-post Reverse Osmosis machine but we are still ALL WOOD FIRED -The Old Fashioned Way! Marty & Andy, with a lot of help from our family and friends, are the 4th generation in the Ennis family to make maple syrup on the property over the past century.

When is Maple Syrup Season?

We are often asked, “When is maple syrup season”? The running joke is “I’ll tell you by the end of April“! Truthfully, we don’t really know because it all depends on the weather. When the temperature starts to creep above freezing in late February or early March the trees will start to release their sap so we can make the first agricultural crop of the year – golden maple syrup! Ideal sugaring weather would be a daytime high of 5°C to 7° C and a drop to -5°C overnight. Late March tends to be the most reliable time to plan a trip to the sugar bush with your family if you want to see the sap running and smell the intoxicating aroma of boiling maple syrup. Once it ceases to freeze at night and the buds on the trees start to break dormancy, maple syrup production is finished for the year – generally in the first or second week of April.
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